What was I thinking?! A writer finds new perspectives from her old diaries.

Since receiving my first diary at age seven, I’ve been taking notes and today I have stacks of journals spanning the last four decades of my thoughts, rants and observations.

That’s a lot of content. Some of it is boring as hell, but in between the self loathing are funny observations, pivotal moments and universal truths that I infuse into weekly essays for my free newsletter Past is Present. Like this gem …

me, fearful new mom, 2003

I hope you will join me to look back and forward.


You can also read all my published essays at brookenwilliams.com including a whole story about buying the toilet lock.


Brooke Williams
Brooke Williams is a writer living in Maine. Her humorous essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Brain Child and aired on NPR.